Svenja Kretzer

Pathway A*STAR 0+4

Cohort 2021

Pathway Journey

I am a third-year PhD student at King’s and A*STAR in Singapore. My project harmonises data from two large longitudinal cohorts of children and adolescents from the UK (eBRAIN) and Singapore (GUSTO), investigating the dynamics between puberty, structural brain development, early life adversity, and emerging mental health difficulties.


I studied psychology at Maastricht University in the Netherlands (B.Sc.) and at the University of Cologne in Germany (M.Sc.). Alongside my studies, I have been gaining teaching and research experiences, and developed a true passion for neuroscience and adolescent psychiatry. I strongly believe that research efforts should prioritise enhancing understanding, preventing, and treating mental health challenges in young people, considering that most mental illnesses manifest during adolescence.