Application Process

Applying to this programme is a two-stage process.

Stage One consists of completing an online application form to inform us of your qualifications and relevant experience, your motivation for applying and your future career plans.

Applications will be reviewed and successful candidates will be contacted by email and invited to progress to Stage Two.

At Stage Two:

  • you will be invited to interview in Monday 12th June 2023.
  • you will be asked to submit an application via King’s Apply where final checks on academic qualifications, English language requirements and fee status will be made.
  • your references will be requested.

Stage One Application Form and Guidance

If you would like to prepare your answers prior to completing the online application form, you can download a Microsoft Word document that lists all of the questions included in the online application form. Please do not submit the Microsoft Word document. Applications will only be accepted via the online application form.

It is recommended that you use a laptop or desktop computer rather than a mobile device to complete the application. Click here to view a list of compatible browsers.

You can move back and forth between questions in the application by clicking on the left and right arrows.

You can pause and return to the application at a later date as long as you use the same browser and device.

Please note that you will not be able to change your responses once your application has been submitted.

The online application form is hosted using a tool called Qualtrics.

Applications are now closed


Your references must contain contact details for two academic referees or relevant employers in research institutions/companies (we will then contact your referees directly). Note that academic referees must have university email addresses and employer references should have the official email address of the company (gmail, hotmail etc addresses are not acceptable).

In some cases, we understand that this is not always possible to provide. Please read below for further information:

Do I have to have two academic referees?

If the candidate is a current/recent student then we expect two academic references. If they have worked (and this could include a year in industry during their studies) then one of the referees could be a line manager.

Can I use a potential supervisor as a referee?

We are instructing candidates not to do this (there may be exceptions where this is permissible,  we advise a candidate to contact us to explain why they cannot find another referee).

Can a PhD student be my referee?

A PhD student is not appropriate. If a student has worked under the supervision of a post-doc that would be acceptable.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the application process, please get in touch with the MRC DTP Team.