Lucy Goodacre

Pathway iCASE 0+4

Cohort 2022

Pathway Journey

Advanced Experimental and Computational Methods to Optimise Nasal Drug Delivery
Industrial Partner: Nanopharm Ltd, an Aptar Pharma company


I studied for an integrated Masters in Pharmacy at UCL School of Pharmacy, University College London from 2018-2022.

I chose the DTP (specifically iCASE programme) as I wanted to pursue a PhD in the area of pharmaceutical science and have the opportunity to visit an industrial partner (bridging the gap between academia and industry).


Goodacre, L., Forbes, B., Lansley, A., Patterson, C. & Roe, C. 2023. Research focus on nasal biopharmaceutics: A workshop by the Biopharmaceutics Focus Group of the APS. Inhalation. Whipsnade and Loophole, LLC.


MRC JDTP Symposium 2023 & International Society for Aerosols in Medicine (ISAM) 2023:
“Design of In Vitro Airways Simulants for Use in Biopharmaceutics Studies”

Drug Delivery to the Lungs (DDL) 2023:
“Use of Rheology and Mucoadhesivity to Guide the Development of Nasal Mucus Simulants”

HSDTC Symposium 2023 & Joint Pharmaceutical Analysis Group (JPAG) 2023:
“Analytical Techniques to Support the Development of Nasal Mucus Simulants”

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