Jonny Cope

Pathway 1+3

Cohort 2019

1+3 Student

I graduated from the University of York with an Integrated Masters in Biomedical Sciences, where, during my final year, I undertook a research project focused on identifying lncRNAs involved in CD4+ T cell activation. During my time at York I also undertook a Biochemical Society Summer Studentship in the Evans lab, characterising the interaction of N2-Src with Sec23A. 

Keen to gain additional lab experience, I decided that the 1+3 MRC DTP Programme at KCL was exactly what I needed to transition from my undergraduate degree to a PhD. With such a broad range of project choices I was able to select three contrasting rotations, each equipping me with a different set of scientific techniques. From these rotations, I was also able to establish which lab would be the best fit for me personally, to support me throughout my PhD. 

My PhD Project will investigate the role of Nance Horan Syndrome-like 2 (NHSL2) in Fast-Endophillin Mediated Endocytosis and Breast Cancer Invasion (Dr. Matthias Krause & Prof. Sarah Pinder) 


  • HIV-1 modulation of chromatin architecture by targeting of the cohesin regulator ESCO2 (Prof. Stuart Neil & Dr. Cameron Osbourne)  
  • Role of the Nance Horan Syndrome protein family in breast cancer invasion (Dr Matthias Krause & Prof. Sarah Pinder) 
  • A study of IL-36 as a disease driver in psoriatic arthritis (Prof. Leonie Taams & Dr. Francesca Capon)