Johanna Keeler

Pathway 0+3.5

Cohort 2020

0+3.5 Student

Supervisors: Hubertus Himmerich and Janet Treasure 

I applied for the MRC DTP after completing a BSc in Psychology at the University of Exeter. During the three years of my BSc, I gained research experience through participating in various research internships, including an interventional study testing app-based inhibitory control training for the treatment of binge-type eating disorders, in collaboration with KCL.  Prior to my degree I had worked in surgical theatres (most often neurosurgery), which sparked my interest in neurobiology, psychology and translational scientific approaches. 

I applied to the DTP due to the variety of projects that were available within a world-leading eating disorders research team. The translational ethos of the research projects, together with the training and development opportunities, are brilliant features of the DTP. I am interested in investigating neurobiological approaches to eating disorders, and my project investigates markers of neuroprogression in anorexia nervosa, with a focus on novel treatments. Despite the pandemic, the DTP has been incredibly supportive to my research project, and there is a real feel of community within our cohort.