Cheryl See

Pathway 1+3

Cohort 2020

Pathway Journey


1. Stratification of people at risk of psychosis via frequent online assessments of decision-making

2. The effects of stressful life events on the brain in individuals at clinical high risk for psychosis

3. Predicting depression severity using allostatic load biomarkers with machine learning for multi-class classification

PhD Project:

The effects of stressful life events and trauma on brain structure and the subsequent development of psychopathology


I completed a MEng in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London before working in the financial industry for several years. When I realised finance was not for me, I decided to pursue a MSc in Data Science at City University where my research project investigated biomarkers for patients with depression using EEG. This led me to the DTP at King’s College to pursue my interests in mental health and neuroscience research. Given my background, the DTP offered an amazing opportunity through the 1+3 pathway for me to explore different projects and to develop foundational skills before embarking on my PhD. It was also a great way to get exposure to different projects before deciding on the PhD project.