Cheryl See

Pathway 1+3

Cohort 2020

1+3 Student

I graduated with a MEng in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College and worked in Finance for several years before deciding to leave to study for a MSc in Data Science at City, University of London. During my MSc, I worked on a research project studying an EEG dataset in patients with depression, which made me want to pursue a PhD studying psychiatric disorders and led me to the MRC DTP programme at King’s. 

As I did not have a conventional neuroscience/psychology background, I felt the 1+3 pathway offered by the DTP would be a great learning opportunity and would allow me to experience different types of research before deciding on my PhD project. This was supplemented by a variety of workshops available for us to sign up to, which I have found incredibly helpful in providing practical skills. The DTP and staff have all been incredibly supportive in helping me to achieve my learning goals during the rotations. 

So far I have worked on projects within the Department of Psychosis, where in my first rotation, I conducted an experiment online to study the effects of psychosis symptoms on visual perception in the general population, and in my second rotation, I worked with structural MRI data studying the effects of stressful life events on brain structure.