Charly Brown

Pathway 0+3.5

Cohort 2019

0+3.5 Student

I am a second year PhD student on the 0+3.5 year pathway in the School of Cancer & Pharmaceutical Sciences. My project involves repurposing approved drugs to target pancreatic cancer invasion and metastasis. I chose the DTP because the projects on offer really suited my interest and there are multiple workshops and extra training options. I would recommend this program for people interested in gaining additional experience through opportunities such as internships/industry placements – the team were very helpful when discussing this with them. I also wanted to be on a program with other students so I could meet people – it’s a sociable program with an annual symposium and various socials throughout the year. 

My undergraduate degree was Medical Sciences at the University of Leeds, where I also carried out a 1 year placement at GSK. Prior to starting my PhD I worked as a Research Scientist for Badrilla in Leeds for 6 months developing a product for super-resolution microscopy.