Benjamin Grimsdell

Pathway NPIF 0+3.5

Cohort 2017

0+3.5 iCASE Student

My PhD project is in vivo multi modal imaging and tracking of cardiac progenitor cells in the repair and regeneration of the damaged heart.

I obtained my BSc in Natural Sciences at Exeter University before doing the Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine MSc course at UCL. My BSc research project focused on creating an electrochemical biosensor for Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis, which inspired me to continue my research career.

During my Masters I studied the effect of serum species on Gold Nanoparticle toxicity, internalisation and inflammatory response by characterising the protein corona.

I chose the MRC DTP as it’s a massively multi-disciplinary programme with many opportunities and a strong support network. It provides structure to the PhD as well as encompassing a huge variety of research areas.


iCASE Partner:

Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult