Anna Kelis

Pathway iCASE 0+4

Cohort 2022

Pathway Journey

My PhD focuses on platelet rich plasma therapy as a form of regenerative medicine. My project seeks to understand the role of platelets in inflammation, inflammation resolution and lung regeneration as I am working on the administration of a platelet rich plasma product as a therapy for the treatment of acute lung injury. My industrial collaborators are Biotherapy Services who have a platelet rich plasma product and are interested in its nebulisation, for administration via inhalation for patients who suffer from acute lung injury.


I obtained my first-class MSci in Pharmacology with a Professional Placement year from King’s College London (KCL). During my placement year I had the opportunity to work on discovering new antimicrobial combinations against lung infections in an attempt to combat the global battle of antibiotic resistance. This fuelled my passion in pursuing a career in scientific research and hence obtaining a PhD.
I chose the MRC-DTP iCASE programme as it offers both academic and industrial research experience, high quality research training and great opportunities for collaborations. There are always several opportunities for students to enhance their skill set either via the huge variety of training courses available or via the applications for funding for additional training opportunities. Hence, the DTP offers great support to its PhD students.


1st place for the Image Competition at the MRC DTP Joint Symposium


Conferences attended:
‘Lungs: more than an organ of gas exchange’ London November 2022 – British Pharmacological society
Oral presentation: ‘World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology’ Glasgow 2023 – British Pharmacological society.