Amy Lock

Pathway 1+3

Cohort 2020

1+3 Student

I am on the 1+3 pathway and have, so far, completed a project looking at the effects of glucose deprivation on CAR T cell effector function and have recently completed a project looking at differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells into beating cardiomyocytes. My final project will be looking at pain and itchiness in keloid scars. 

I chose the DTP due to their offering of extensive training, especially the opportunity to complete a rotational MRes to experience different labs and areas of interest before making the decision on which to follow for my PhD. 

I feel really supported by the DTP team! They have the students’ interests at the forefront of anything they do.  

I obtained my BSc in Natural Sciences at the University of Bath.  

After my degree and before the DTP, I worked as a research assistant for a small biotechnology company, where I assisted in the preclinical development of a treatment for osteoporosis. 

I presented my research for the biotech company at the 2020 American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR) as a poster presentation. This was done entirely virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic.