Project ID CM-HD2023_54


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Co Supervisor 1B School of Life Course and Population SciencesWebsite

Understanding diversity in pregnancy outcomes; towards precision care in health and disease

This project, using data collected as part of the MRC-funded UNiCoRN Study (Understanding the causes of Hyperglycaemia in Pregnancy; MR/W003740/1) will explore the physiology of normal pregnancy across the spectrum of glycaemia, in this 750-strong prospective cohort comprising women of White and South Asian descent.

Granular maternal and clinical data and targeted hormonal profiles captured at oral glucose tolerance tests in early and mid-pregnancy, plus the gestational glucose profile measured using continuous glucose monitoring, physical activity data through accelerometry, detailed dietary data and maternal/offspring outcomes will be collected.

Project aims will include:
1. Quantitative assessment of behavioural influences (diet and physical activity) and nutritional markers on pregnancy outcomes amongst women from White and South Asian groups
2. Identification of clinical and biochemical factors that are associated with healthy pregnancy outcomes across White and South Asian groups

This project offers a breadth of training in different subject areas including biostatistics analysis and precision medicine, expertise in obstetrics and obstetric syndromes, as well as the area of physical activity and nutrition.

1. Year 1 and 2: Involvement in study recruitment and procedures. Collation, cleaning, understanding breadth of data, alongside specific PhD training in biostatistics and other appropriate courses
2. Year 3 and 4: Undertaking specific analyses, manuscripts and thesis completion.

Representative Publications

• White SL, Pasupathy D, Sattar N, Nelson SM, Lawlor DA, Briley AL, Seed PT, Welsh P, Poston L; UPBEAT Consortium. Metabolic profiling of gestational diabetes in obese women during pregnancy. Diabetologia. 2017 Oct;60(10):1903-1912. doi: 10.1007/s00125-017-4380-6.

• Visconti A, Le Roy CI, Rosa F, Martin TC, Mohney RP, Weizhong L, de Rinaldis E, Bell JT, Venter JC, Nelson KE, Spector TD, Falchi M. Interplay between the human gut microbiome and host metabolism. Nature Communications.2019 Oct 3;10(1):4505.  doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-12476-z