Zsofia Szlamka

Pathway 0+3.5

Cohort 2018

0+3.5 Student

Zsofia is a developmental psychologist and a PhD Candidate in King’s College London, investigating health inequalities, service development and empowerment of families raising children with developmental disorders in Ethiopia and in Argentina. She is a member of the Global Shapers Network and the curator for its Cambridge Hub. She co-founded VOICES, a women empowerment platform connecting young professional women with public speaking opportunities. She set up a counselling service in Hungary to tackle the mental health-related consequences of COVID-19. She is the founder of AMKA Counselling, a well-being platform providing remote counselling services and helping businesses develop employee mental health at the workplaceShe is passionate about equality of opportunities, loves learning about international development and is crazy about travelling – and reports about all these on her blog, The Travelling Psychologist.