Ze Freeman

Pathway 1+3

Cohort 2021


My PhD research is focused on the neural representation of trauma memory recall in people who are dual-diagnosed with PTSD and psychosis. Using fMRI and Experience Sampling Method, the aim is to provide a mechanistic understanding of trauma memory recall and associated symptoms in this group. This work is part of the Study of Trauma And Recovery (STAR trial), investigating trauma-focused therapy for people experiencing common effects of trauma who fear harm from others, or who see, hear, or feel things others cannot.

I gained a BSc in Psychology from the University of Bath in 2017, during which I undertook a year-long placement at the Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development at Birkbeck, University of London. I completed my 2-year Research MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience from Leiden University in 2019. For my MSc thesis, I investigated the effect of transcranial direct current stimulation on three component tasks relating to theory of mind processes. I then worked at the Developmental Risk and Resilience Unit, University College London, on a study investigating the effect of childhood maltreatment on cognition and brain function in adolescents.

I chose the 1+3 DTP track because of the diverse range groups doing innovative research around my subjects of interest. In my first two rotations, before joining the STAR trial, I undertook a project using speech graphs to investigate schizotypy and worked on a statistical genetics study looking at risk factors for psychopathology.

Social Media

Twitter: @zclfreeman