Sian Simpson

Pathway 0+4

Cohort 2016

0+4 Student

I studied Biomedical Sciences at King’s College London, graduating in 2012. Indecisive about whether to do a PhD straight after my undergraduate degree,I went on instead to work for an investment management firm in the city of London where I trained for three years as an equity analyst. Although I had a great experience working there, I decided to apply for the MRC DTP programme at King’sand undertake a four year PhD.

The MRC DTP at King’s really offered the flexibility, initial training and exposure I would need to get back into a career I had been away from for a few years. The first year of workshops helped me to gain skills and techniques that would benefit my scientific career. From the very beginning of the programme, there seemed to be a huge focus on creating a diverse yet social cohort.
PhD Project:
To investigate some of the placental-derived signals which may be involved in pancreatic islet adaptations during pregnancy and gestational diabetes.
I am currently working at the Diabetes Research Group based at Guy’s campus which is the same lab I undertook a sponsored summer research project in my second year of BSc and also where I completed my final year research dissertation project-clearly something was drawing me back to this lab!