Shail Bhatt

Pathway iCASE 0+4

Cohort 2021

Pathway Journey

My project explores the role of histone methylation in age-related cognitive decline.


After being initially enrolled in BSc Biomedical Sciences, I transitioned into an Integrated Masters in Cell Biology at University College London. Throughout my 4 years, I did summer internships and lab projects studying mitochondrial dysfunction, peripheral nerve regeneration, and microtubule dynamics, all of which fuelled my passion for research.

I am currently a second-year iCASE student working on exploring the role of histone methylation in age-related cognitive decline, a project that is in collaboration with Merck Sharp and Dohme. In this project, I will explore whether H3K4 trimethylation contributes toward cognitive decline with age, and then work alongside the industrial partner to develop therapeutics to potentially reverse this decline in cognitive function.

I chose the DTP, and in particular the iCASE programme, because it contextualizes the research in a therapeutic and applicable setting, where my research is constantly being tailored for commercial applications. Furthermore, the DTP provides opportunities to build and enhance one’s skillset, through workshops, teaching opportunities, and symposia.

Alongside the PhD programme, I am also involved with running a departmental Questions Club that aims to encourage dialogue and exchange of ideas between researchers. I am also a Graduate Teaching Assistant at KCL, and I tutor high-school students on the weekends in biology and chemistry.




Crick PhD Symposium 2022 – Poster Presentation

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