Shaheim Ogbomo-Harmitt

Pathway 1+3

Cohort 2020

1+3 Student

I am a first-class biomedical engineering BEng graduate from King’s College London (KCL). During my undergraduate degree, I have completed three research internships/projects. Two of the research projects applied machine learning to neonatal neuroimaging using data from the developing human connectome project. My other research internship was in computational biology, and I had the opportunity to present my research to Mircosoft Research in Cambridge. Alternatively, I have also had experience as a data scientist at a start-up and teaching. 

Ultimately, I choose the MRC DTP because I studied at KCL for my undergraduate and had an exceptional learning experience. Additionally, KCL is world-leading for biomedical research, which allows you to have guidance and support from world-class academics. Furthermore, I love how the MRC DTP exposes me to enthralling biomedical research events and opportunities to refine my skills as a researcher.  

Rotations in MRes 

  • Applying Deep Learning to Neuroimaging Alzheimer’s Disease Classification.
  • Real-time Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging Motion-Correction using Deep Learning.
  • Application of Deep Learning to Predict Optimal Ablation Therapy for Atrial Fibrillation from Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data. 


Twitter: @ShaheimO