Ryan Stanyard

Pathway 1+3

Cohort 2019

1+3 Student

My PhD as part of the CoDe  and Perinatal Imaging labs focuses on exploring the coupling of the structural and functional connectomes across the lifespan using multiple modalities and biophysical models. This is an extension of work from a prior rotation during my MRes year in which I assessed the utility of a biophysical model for predicting functional connectivity in term born neonates. Models such as this offer an insight into how complex brain dynamics change over time, what biophysical parameters may provide insights into these dynamics (excitation: inhibition homeostasis versus other descriptors of energy or haemodynamics), which may differ between populations, including those who go on to develop a neurodevelopmental condition such as autism. My choice of the KCL MRC DTP was motivated by a desire to explore an array of methods devoting to indexing cognitive function and changes in brain and behaviour across the lifespan, as part of world-leading research labs. This versatility in methods, from biological perspectives through programming routes and beyond was suitably offered within my MRes training, complemented by training in public engagement, ethics and a number of other areas. Prior to starting my PhD, I completed a BSc. (Hons) in Neuroscience and Psychology (Keele University, 2018) and a MSc. In Neuroimaging (King’s College London, 2019), having worked in a number of labs in the UK and overseas on projects ranging from the neuropsychology of memory in Parkinson’s disease to rodent models of vascular dementia, emotional intelligence in university populations and more.

Ryan is an Editor for the British Neuroscience Association (BNA) student newsletter initiative , as well as a BNA KCL local student group representative. Within the DTP, he serves as a committee member for the Joint DTP MRC between London-Warwick  (organising careers seminar events, joint conferences etc.) and as a KCL MRC DTP Student Representative. He is actively involved as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) across Neuroscience and Psychology courses at KCL, and works as a Consultant for SME’s.

LinkedIn: Ryan A Stanyard

Twitter: R_Stanyard