Nicholas Merrild

Pathway 0+4

Cohort 2016

0+4 Student

Having spent some time in other labs, via my prior degrees and internships, I knew exactly what type of research I wanted my PhD to be. Offering a 0+4 option, the DTP offered an avenue for me to dive right into a fascinating, flexible, project with great supervisors.

Previous research experience:

2014-2015: MSc Biomedical Engineering with Biomaterials, Imperial College London
2009-2014: MEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering with Management, The University of Edinburgh (UoE)
2015/16: Visiting Researcher – Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology, University College London
2014: Summer Intern – Centre for Regenerative Medicine, UoE
2013: Summer Intern – Institute of Perception, Action, and Behaviour, UoE
2013: Industrial Placement, 6 months – R&D in Aircraft Development, Airbus, Germany
2012: Summer Intern – BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering, UoE

PhD Project:

The spatiotemporal protein expressions in sub-critically sized articular cartilage defects.
The aim of doing so is to define the regenerative process of cartilage; i.e. which native cells secrete which proteins at given time points. This serves to inform on suitable cell sources and extra cellular matrix (ECM) scaffolds which could be used for cartilage tissue engineering.