Mariia Bogdanova

Pathway 0+4

Cohort 2022

Pathway Journey

I am 0+4 MRC DTP student studying the link between stress and reward in people with unipolar and bipolar depression.

In my PhD research, I ask such questions as: What are the neural mechanisms underlying motivational difficulties in people with depression? What is the link between stress and motivation? Could we differentiate unipolar depression from bipolar depression using neuroimaging biomarkers of reward and motivational processes?


I received extensive training in clinical psychology and neuropsychology (7+ years of education) and worked as a neuropsychologist (5+ years) in the largest regional clinical and research hospitals. Aside from that, I was an assistant lecturer at Sechenov Medical University for 5 years, where I taught courses on “Clinical Psychology”, “Neuropsychology”, and “Neuropsychological Assessment” and was a supervisor of more than 15 undergraduate thesis projects.

As a person who is passionate about popular science, I was a freelance medical writer for the largest Russian news portal about neuroscience,, and wrote more than 45 popular-science articles (covering complex topics in cognitive neuroscience including ageing, learning disabilities, ADHD, memory impairment, etc.).

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