Lena Böhme

Pathway 1+3

Cohort 2016

1+3 Student

Before coming to London, I studied Molecular Medicine in Bonn (B.Sc.) and Berlin (M.Sc.), which has equipped me with background knowledge in a variety of subjects and allowed me to get handson experience through rotations in different labs. I decided to join the MRC DTP at King’s College because of the wide range of projects and workshops available, and despite initially being hesitant about another year of rotations I am now convinced that I have benefitted tremendously from the MRes year. The different workshops and seminars have enabled me to learn more about techniques and research approaches that might be useful for my future work and by doing rotations in different groups I was able to explore research areas that I had not previously considered for my PhD project. Being able to make an informed decision about the thesis project/lab and knowing that there is a supportive network of students going through the same process, makes me now look forward to the +3 part of the programme.

Rotation projects:

1. Characterising the effects of AT13148 in drug resistant melanoma (Dr Vicky Sanz-Moreno, Randall Division)
2. Investigating the functions of ZBTB proteins in embryonic stem cells (Dr Vlad Seitan, Division of Genetics & Molecular Medicine)
3. Exploring the role of CAR in lung inflammation and tumourigenesis (Prof Maddy Parsons, Randall Division + Division of Asthma, Allergy & Lung Biology)