Laura Constable

Pathway 1+3

Cohort 2016

1+3 Student

I graduated from the University of Kent with a BSc in Biomedical Sciences before going on to complete an MSc in Immunology here at King’s College London, where I worked on a research project characterising the immune landscape underlying keloid scarring. Clearly I enjoyed being a student at King’s so much, I decided to come back for my PhD!

My interests lie in understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms that contribute toward disease, and the MRC DTP programme offered a range of exciting projects focusing on this. The option to take a rotation year was also particularly appealing, as it enabled me to gain experience in a variety of techniques which I previously did not have experience of.

What I like most about the DTP programme is how diverse it is. As a cohort, we have students spanning four different themes, meaning everyone gets the opportunity to hear about new and exciting research in fields outside of their own. In addition, I have found the ongoing training provided through workshops to be useful, and have in fact used some of what I have learnt during my rotation projects.

Another great aspect of the programme is the opportunities available outside of the lab. For example, I’ve really enjoyed being part of the programme’s social committee and organising fun things for us to do as a cohort. As well as being part of the social committee I’m also involved in the recently established public engagement committee, specifically a team that is going to focus on widening participation in science amongst young people.

Rotation Projects:

1. Resolving genetic insights into T-cell biology to understand susceptibility to inflammatory bowel disease
2. Developmental basis of skin diversity
3. Molecular targeting of prostate cancer invasion