Kristi Sawyer

Pathway 0+4

Cohort 2016

0+4 Student

I graduated from Newcastle University with a BSc in Pharmacology in 2016, having undertaken a year at GlaxoSmithKline as part of my degree. My final research project was undertaken on an ERASMUS grant at The Pasteur Institute, in Paris.

I chose to undertake my PhD as part of the MRC DTP because I was interested in the opportunity to study a project which encompassed both clinical and laboratory elements. The funding offered by the MRC is prestigious and allows for travel grants. I also felt that being part of a large cohort of students allowed for better opportunities, such as the workshops and training provided.

So far, I am really enjoying the challenge of undertaking my PhD. An abstract I submitted has just been accepted, so I will be presenting a poster at the British Association for Psychopharmacology Summer Meeting later this year. I am also co-authoring a review, which will hopefully be published later this year, along with other publications in the pipeline. The environment is stimulating and innovative; I definitely made the correct choice!

PhD Project:

The gene expression profile associated with childhood maltreatment and depression in pregnancy: a translational study between blood and brain (Professor Pariante and Dr Zunszain, Psychological Medicine)