Jordan Cheng

Pathway 1+3

Cohort 2018

1+3 Student

Hi there! I’m Jordan, a member of the 2018/19 1+3 pathway cohort and a theme 4 PhD student. My project involves contributing towards improving our understanding of basic radiobiology concepts, established for decades with X-ray radiotherapies, as applied to systemic radionuclide-based therapies with a particular focus on cell cycle-controlled radiobiology.  

Having done the 1+3 pathway, I can highly recommend it to anyone who is unsure of what to pursue for their PhD and for those who want to experience a variety of skills applied in completely different labs and fields. The 4 themes in the DTP really show you the breadth of topics available and questions being asked in settings that you wouldn’t typically expect, making things exciting but also difficult when trying to narrow down your rotation choices! Another pro for the 1+3 pathway is the number of new connections you make, especially in fields and departments unrelated to your final PhD choice. I’ve been lucky enough to meet so many people, make new friends and give my own contributions to their work which has benefitted me greatly for my PhD thus far. 

My experience prior my PhD involved an undergraduate MSci in Chemistry with Biomedicine, also here at KCL, where I did my masters in the same lab I’m currently in!  

For a sneak peek at what we do in the Terry group, feel free to visit our page at Radioactive Radiobiology (  and @radiation_hotstuff on Instagram for the public engagement in the group.  

You can find me at my LinkedIn and Twitter .