Joe Barnby

Pathway 0+4

Cohort 2017

0+4 Student

My PhD project is “What is the relationship between dopamine modulation and social cognition and beliefs? Implications for the psychosis spectrum”.

I obtained my BSc (Hons) in Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Leicester in 2011, and then followed on to complete my MSc in Clinical Mental Health at UCL.

The MRC DTP has given me the financial freedom and relevant supervision to train in pharmacological methods to address a meaningful research question, but also give me the freedom to explore my own ideas within a supportive team.

I’ve worked at Birkbeck (UK), Monash (Aus), and UCL (UK) as an RA on a number of interesting projects spanning neurofeedback, psychosis, social cognition, consciousness. All gave me vital research and career development skills, as well as being personally supportive. I’ve also worked as a mindfulness trainer, assistant psychologist, and mental health researcher at an app company – all have broadened my skills to help me think laterally and creatively in my current PhD.

 Achievements and Experience
2018 King’s Experience Award – A Beautiful Mind: Art, Science, and Mental Health
2017 Presenter/Team Lead for Senscapes at BOZAR in Brussels to garner funding and network for our project Cognisynth – a dynamic, personal BCI tool.
2017 Brain Hacker & Composer at the Horizon 2020 Hack the Brain event at the Science Gallery, Dublin, as part of winning team ‘Senscapes’ selected as a spinal project for further development and funding.
2017 Brain Hacker & Composer at the AXNSCollective ‘Sine’ Hackathon
Resultant track:
2017 On the local committee for ‘CogSci 2017’ conference
Cognitive Science Society
2016 – 2017 Lead Researcher/Mindfulness Trainer, Catalyst HA & Birkbeck, UK
Gener8 Project
Supervisor: Dr Eddy Davelaar
2016 – 2017 Co- Developer – UCL Mindfulness App
Collaborators: Dr Amali Lokugamage & Catherine McAteer
2015 Research Lead, Re(Mind) app development, UCL, UK