James Glover

Pathway 1+3

Cohort 2019

1+3 Student

In July 2019, I graduated from King’s College London with a BSc in Molecular Genetics. During my final year, I completed an extended research project in the lab of Dr Barry Panaretou, which aimed to identify extramitochondrial iron-sulphur proteins.   

Following my undergraduate studies, I was accepted as a ‘1+3’ student on the MRC DTP at King’s College London. From September 2019, I undertook rotation projects in the labs of Dr Fiona Wardle (Transcriptional regulation of cardiac progenitor cell fate), Professor Juan Martin-Serrano (Identification of host factors that promote assembly of Ebola virus) and Professor Eugene Makeyev (Role of alternative splicing in mammalian neuronal diversity).  

After completing the MRes, I returned to the lab of Professor Juan Martin-Serrano to begin my PhD studies where my project aims to understand how the endosomal sorting complexes required for transport (ESCRT) machinery is regulated during cellular division.