Hayley Denyer

Pathway 0+3.5

Cohort 2020

0+3.5 Student

My PhD focusses on the application of remote measurement technology to identify persisting impairments and targets for intervention in ADHD and other at-risk populations at the Social, Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry (SGDP) Centre at the IoPPN, KCL. 

Prior to starting the DTP, I spent a year working as a Research Assistant on the ADHD Remote Technology (ART) project at the SGDP, which developed a remote monitoring battery to help assess and manage ADHD symptoms and impairments. Before joining the SGDP, I spent two years working at Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, University College London researching psychiatric risk in children with intellectual disability of known genetic aetiology, and a year researching sleep in children in children with neurodevelopmental disorders at the Cerebra Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders, University of Birmingham.  

I chose the MRC DTP due it’s varied workshops and training opportunities. After graduating from Loughborough University with Psychology BSc (Hons) and going on to gain research experience, I knew I wanted to continue to train throughout my PhD, which the MRC DTP encourages. 


Wolstencroft, J., Kerry, E., Denyer, H., Watkins, A., Mandy, W., & Skuse, D. (2021). New approaches to social skills training: Blended group interventions for girls with social communication difficulties. Autism Research. doi: 10.1002/aur.2495  

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Trickett, J., Oliver, C, Heald, M., Denyer H., Surtees, A., Clarkson, E., Gringras, P., & Richards, C. (2019). Sleep in children with Smith-Magenis syndrome; a case-control actigraphy study, Sleep, zsz260. doi:10.1093/sleep/zsz260 . 

Surtees, A. D. R., Richards, C., Clarkson, E., Heald, M., Trickett, J., Denyer, H., Crawford, H. & Oliver, C. (2019). Sleep problems in Autism Spectrum Disorders: a matched comparison to sleep in typically developing children using actigraphy, diaries and questionnaires, Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 67, 101439. doi:10.1016/j.rasd.2019.101439 .