Grace Flower

Pathway 0+3.5

Cohort 2020

0+3.5 Student

I graduated from KCL with an MSci in Pharmacology with Professional Placement Year. My placement year was in Oxford University in the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neuroscience where I investigated circadian behaviours of migraine painI completed my third-year studies alongside my placement year, so when I arrived back at KCL I entered my MSc year where I took up a 3month project in the Hamilton LabMy project focused on the role of TRPA1 in glial cell functioning using electrophysiological techniques.  

For my PhD I have continued in the Hamilton lab investigating the role of TRPA1 in the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosisTRPA1 has been implicated in demyelinating disease and injury and could be a potential therapeutic target.  

I chose the MRC-DTP because it provides a lot of support and opportunities for training throughout the PhDSo far, everyone has been extremely helpful and despite the restrictions, I have learnt so much already! 


Pettingill, P., Weir, G., Wei, T., Wu, Y., Flower, G., Lalic, T., Handel, A., Duggal, G., Chintawar, S., Cheung, J., Arunasalam, K., Couper, E., Haupt, L., Griffiths, L., Bassett, A., Cowley, S. and Cader, M. (2019). A causal role for TRESK loss of function in migraine mechanisms. Brain, 142(12), pp.3852-3867. 


  • Flower,T. Lalic, Y. Wu and Z. Cader (2019, December). Loss of TRESK leads to hypersensitive orofacial nociception in a rodent migraine model. Poster Presentation at British Pharmacological Society Annual Conference, Edinburgh.
  • Flower, W. Lajoso and N. Hamilton (2020, July). Therole of TRPA1 in regulating action potential amplitude in the mouse optic nerve. Poster presentation atGlia in Health and Disease, CSHL. 


  • Late-Breaking Abstract Award at the British Pharmacological Society Annual Conference, 2019
  • Student Contribution to Pharmacology Prize, British Pharmacological Society 2020
  • George Brownlee Prize for Best MSci Pharmacology Student, KCL 2020
  • The Eli Lilly Prize for Best BSc Experimental Project and BSc Cellular Pharmacology, KCL 2020