Felix Wong

Pathway 0+4

Cohort 2017

0+4 Student

My Project looks into the impact of EGFR/HER3 dimers on cancer cells and immune changes associated with cancer drug resistant, using techniques including multiphoton microscopy and MR elastography.

The MRC DTP being one of the most multidisciplinary PhD at King’s, and the only PhD (as far as I’m aware) with high level lectures by top experts of fields across imaging, physics, biology, and more, has equipped me with exactly the multidisciplinary knowledge I require for the cutting edge cancer research I envision myself doing at a later stage.

What I like the most about the DTP is the support. It’s only my first year, but health problems got in my way of studies, and yet the support I received was exceptional, and that allows me to continue my studies at full capacity once I have recovered. This gives me full confidence that I can undertake this PhD without compromising my health and personal life – contrary to what some may think about academia.

I completed my BSc at Brunel University London, and then went on to obtain my MRes at King’s College London.

What research experience do you have outside of the DTP?
Clinical Research Assistant at Royal Surrey County Hospital, Research Assistant at Randall Division.

Do you have any relevant work experience?
My MRes as well as my RA work at Randall were all building up to this very PhD project.


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