Eilidh MacNicol

Pathway 0+4

Cohort 2016

0+4 Student

I studied BSc neuroscience and MSc neuroimaging at University of Glasgow and King’s College London, respectively. For my postgraduate research, I studied memory networks in healthy older adults using resting-state and diffusion MRI. After graduation, I stayed on as a visiting researcher to expand this project, and presented a poster at FENS Forum of Neuroscience 2016.

The DTP has helped me understand the basic neuroscience underlying my research. By knowing about cellular and sub-cellular research techniques, I can better complement my network-focused approach. I also enjoy being in a cohort with a broad range of expertise, who provide an alternative perspective towards my research.

PhD Project:

Exploring cognitive and metabolic reserve in healthy ageing
Many brain functions decline during healthy ageing, including memory, attention, and problem-solving. Some people experience less deterioration than others. Various factors determine the level of brain function, even if none causes decline on its own. A certain level of capability is necessary for parts of the brain to communicate with each other. Below a critical point, brain networks become dysfunctional, and our ability for certain tasks can diminish. Being further from this point ameliorates impairments which could cause problems. I am looking for a marker that could predict how far someone is from this point.