Ed Battey

Pathway 0+3.5

Cohort 2018

0+3.5 Student

I graduated from Loughborough University with a BSc Sport and Exercise Science in 2017. I then completed an MSc in Human & Applied Physiology at King’s, during which I studied skeletal muscle development in Zebrafish in the Hughes lab.

I decided to continue studying skeletal muscle during my PhD, combining my interest in human physiology and immunofluorescence experience gained during my BSc and MSc programmes. My project is entitled ‘The Missing LINC to Human Healthy Ageing’ (Dr Julien Ochala and Dr Matthew Stroud). In this project, I am focusing on whether endurance training affects nuclear shape and the localisation of LINC complex proteins in aged human skeletal muscle.

Overall, with a wide range of high-quality workshops to choose from, the MRC DTP is a great opportunity to progress your scientific journey in a holistic manner with access to great training and facilities.

Publications: Battey, E., Stroud, M.J. and Ochala, J., 2020. Using nuclear envelope mutations to explore age-related skeletal muscle weakness. Clinical Science134(16), pp.2177-2187.