Denis Duagi

Pathway 1+3

Cohort 2020

1+3 Student

I graduated from University College London (UCL) in 2020 with an MSci in Neuroscience and I am very interested in pain research. I became interested in this field during my second year of undergraduate studies when I was awarded a studentship to undertake a summer research project investigating neuropathic pain in children and adolescents. I then went on to do a several other projects in pain research, including my Master’s project on midbrain neural circuits for protective behaviours and pain under the supervision of Dr Liam Browne.  

Given my experience in both clinical and basic science research I wanted to do more translational research for my PhD, and I was really in the Wolfson Centre for age Related Diseases at KCL, which I consider one of the best research environments for students interested in pain research, with plenty of opportunities to observe and collaborate with other colleagues in different aspects of the neuroscience of pain 

I have chosen the MRC DTP because it allows me to pursue the 1+3 pathway, giving me the opportunity to try out several projects before choosing a final PhD project, and also to learn new laboratory techniques which is something that I was looking for as I didn’t have any previous experience with molecular biology techniques. 

Outside the lab, I write about pain research and other exciting topics in science, which you can find on the Pain Research Forum  

Rotation projects:

  • Establishing a microfluidic-based model for headache pain
  • Pain and itch in keloid scars
  • Discovery of the basis of Fibromyalgia