Curie Kim

Pathway NPIF 0+3.5

Cohort 2017

0+3.5 Student

My PhD project is “The impact of energy restriction on neural stem cell ageing and cognition: Uncovering molecular mechanisms and anti-ageing mimetic drugs” in the context of human adult hippocampal neurogenesis.

My undergraduate was in Healthcare Science at the University of Nottingham and I did a Master’s in Neuroscience at King’s. During my undergraduate degree my research project was a dry lab literature review. However, during my Master’s I worked on a human clinical trial and a little bit in the lab for my project. Then after my Master’s, I worked as a research technician with Dr Sandrine Thuret for a year where I used our hippocampal neural stem cell line to investigate markers of neurogenesis using serum samples from participants in a mastication intervention trial.

I particularly like the cohort feeling that you get with the DTP and how much we are encouraged to do things together as a cohort e.g. all the social activities. It has been a great way to make friends with some really like-minded students and feel part of a community. Also, the DTP offer a great catalogue of courses for us to take throughout our PhD.


In November, I went to the Biology of Ageing conference in Singapore where I was given the opportunity to not only present a poster of my work but also give a short talk.


Twitter: @curiekphd