Annalisa Trecarichi

Pathway 1+3

Cohort 2016

1+3 Student

I obtained both my BSc in Biotechnologies and MSc in Biotechnology in Medicine in Milan, where I’m from. Throughout my university years I was drawn to cancer research, with a particular focus on brain tumours. My last year project revolved around the role of angiogenesis in glioblastoma multiforme and was carried out in a lab in Cambridge, as part of the Erasmus Placement programme. After spending nine months in the UK, I decided to look for a PhD abroad to keep challenging myself in an international environment, so what better place than London?

I became interested in the MRC DTP programme thanks to the wide range of projects available and the translational aspect that characterises it. This first MRes year of the programme proved to be very helpful to broaden my horizons and experience new research areas beyond cancer research. Thanks to it, I’ve started thinking of a PhD path that I had never considered before and now I’m really looking forward to beginning the next stage of my career.

Rotation Projects:

1. Wnt signalling in human prostate cancer stem cells: a target for therapy
2. Identifying biomarkers and causal mechanisms of chemotherapy-induced painful peripheral neuropathies
3. Role of Tregs in modulating liver inflammatory disorders