Angela Caipa Garcia

Pathway 1+3

Cohort 2017

1+3 Student

I obtained my MSci in Biochemistry at King’s College London. I did a summer project at the Francis Crick Institute (Mill Hill) with Dr. James Turner working on the DNA methylation patterns seen in marsupial X-chromosome inactivation. My 3rd year BSc project was with Dr. Barry Panaretou working on budding yeast to delete the homologues of genes involved in cancer, I continued with this project over the summer. My MSci dissertation was working with CRISPR-Cas9 in zebrafish to label a protein expressed in neurons by inserting GFP.

I chose the DTP for the opportunity it gave me to do the MRes in the first year and the wide variety of projects all with a translational aspect.

Rotation projects:

1. Mechanism of action of a cancer-selective protein toxin
2. Activation of environmental carcinogens in human tissue organoid cultures
3. Defining the role of circulating fibrocytes in the pathogenesis of renal fibrosis; a study of cell-signalling crosstalk