Alastair Kirby

Pathway 1+3

Cohort 2016

1+3 Student

I graduated from Leeds University in 2016, with a BSc in Neuroscience. During my time a Leeds I completed an 18 month research placement working with Prof. Mike Stewart at the Open University. This focused on mapping neuronal morphology using 3D reconstruction. Whilst working with Prof. Stewart I also collaborated on an interesting project with Prof. Peter Giese from Kings investigating how learning affects synapse morphology. This project started my interest in neuronal circuitry and coming to study on the MRC DTP at KCL offered me the opportunity to pursue this interest.

Since joining the MRC DTP in September I have been allowed to follow my scientific interests and build on my research experience by completing 3 rotations. This MRC DTP offers brilliant flexibility and training, allowing me to direct my own experience at Kings. Each rotation has taught me a new skill set or way of approaching research, which has been really beneficial for choosing my PhD project. Coming into a cohort of 30 PhD students, with access to opportunities and funding provided through the MRC and Kings has not only improved on my scientific skill set but also made the DTP a very enjoyable experience.

Rotation Projects:

1. Assembly of inhibitory circuits in health and disease (Prof. Beatriz Rico)
2. A thalamic circuitry for Migraine (Dr. Alessio Delogu)
3. How do cortical circuits rewire (Dr. Gerald Finnerty)