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Meet the Team

The success of the MRC DTP is made possible by the collaborative work of Theme Leads, Researchers and high-achieving students, guided by a dedicated Management Team.


Professor Mike Malim MRC DTP Director
MRC DTP Director

Academic Leads

Professor Rebecca Oakey MRC DTP Theme 1 Lead
Theme 1 Co-lead

Molecules, Cells and the Basis of Disease

Theme 1 Co-lead

Craniofacial Development & Stem Cell Biology

Professor Francesca Happe MRC DTP Theme 2 Lead
Theme 2 Co-Lead

Neurosciences, Psychiatry and Mental Health

Sandrine Thuret
Theme 2 Co-Lead

Neurosciences, Psychiatry and Mental Health

Professor Cathy Shanahan Theme 3 Lead
Theme 3 Lead

Physiological Medicine

Theme 4 Lead

Imaging and Biomedical Engineering

Academic Training Lead

MRes Training Lead

iCASE Team

Dr Steve Niederer MRC DTP iCase Lead

iCASE Lead

Dr Francesca Capon MRC DTP Theme 1 iCASE Lead

iCASE Theme 1

Professor Richard Dobson iCASE Theme 2 Lead

iCASE Theme 2

Professor Shanta Persaud MRC DTP iCASE Theme 3

iCASE Theme 3


Elena Allen MRC DTP Reseach Development Co-ordinator
Elena Allen

MRC Doctoral Training Partnership Manager

Email: elena.allen@kcl.ac.uk

Telephone: 020 7848 6213

Daniel Taylor MRC Doctoral Training Partnership Administrator
Daniel Taylor

MRC Doctoral Training Partnership Administrator

Email: daniel.taylor@kcl.ac.uk

Telephone: 020 7848 8507


MRC Doctoral Training Partnership Research Development Coordinator

Meet our Students

MRC DTP Studentships