Meet our Team

The success of the MRC DTP is made possible by the collaborative work of Theme Leads, Researchers and high-achieving students, guided by a dedicated Management Team.


Professor Mike Malim MRC DTP Director
Prof Michael Malim

MRC Doctoral Training Partnership Director


Elena Allen MRC DTP Reseach Development Co-ordinator
Elena Allen

MRC Doctoral Training Partnership Manager

Megan Davies

MRC Doctoral Training Partnership Coordinator

Flo (2)
Flo Armitage-Hookes

MRC Doctoral Training Partnership Administrator

Academic Leads

Professor Rebecca Oakey MRC DTP Theme 1 Lead
Prof Rebecca Oakey

Theme 1 Co-lead

Dr Cynthia Andoniadou

Theme 1 Co-lead

Professor Francesca Happe MRC DTP Theme 2 Lead
Prof Francesca Happe

Theme 2 Co-lead

Dr Sandrine Thuret

Theme 2 Co-lead

Professor Cathy Shanahan Theme 3 Lead
Prof Cathy Shanahan

Theme 3 Lead

Dr Sebastien Roujol

Theme 4 Lead

Dr Baljinder Mankoo

Academic Training Lead

iCASE Team

Dr Steve Niederer MRC DTP iCase Lead
Prof Steve Niederer

iCASE Lead

Dr Francesca Capon MRC DTP Theme 1 iCASE Lead
Dr Francesca Capon

iCASE Theme 1

Professor Richard Dobson iCASE Theme 2 Lead
Professor Richard Dobson

iCASE Theme 2

Professor Shanta Persaud MRC DTP iCASE Theme 3
Professor Shanta Persaud

iCASE Theme 3

Theme Teams